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Call for PhD applications

Space4ReLaunch is still looking for 6 (six) more PhD students to complete its line-up!

The remaining available subjects to this day are:

  • Predictive control of atmospheric turbulence for optical ground stations (UCLouvain)

  • Satellite remote sensing of sustainable agricultural practices for “Carbon Farming” (UCLouvain)

  • ​Monitoring water stress in vegetation using hyperspectral remote sensing and chlorophyll fluorescence (ULiège)

  • ​Monitoring crop water stress and irrigation management (ULiège)

  • ​New topologies for electromechanical actuators assisted by ferrite-based permanent magnets (UCLouvain)

  • High-throughput development of new magnetic materials for electrical engines: towards multi-component alloys with reduced ecological and geopolitical impacts (ULB)

Each thesis will be funded for over a minimum of 3.5 years within the research program Space4ReLaunch funded by the Walloon Region. The minimum requirements are :

  • A master degree in Engineering Sciences, ideally with a specialisation related to the topic of the thesis

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English

More information about the topics can be found on

Candidates can either apply by filling in the form on, or by sending an inbox message to the company page. They will then be put in contact with the professor in charge of the thesis.

See you soon !


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